We help organisations and suppliers deliver against their carbon reduction commitments and sustainability objectives. 

We help them understand their property portfolios and in doing so move to a low carbon future. We aim to do this without compromising on design or functional performance.


Low Carbon Estates services:

• Intelligent Client

• Estate Optimisation

• Carbon Reduction

• Programme Development

• Programme Delivery

• Thermal Energy

• Electrical Energy

• Renewable Power 

• Energy Storage

• Electric Vehicles

• Project Management

• Product Delivery

• Business Development

• Product Placement

helping build a better world


Biophilia [noun]

 “Love of living things and nature… the inborn affinity human beings  have for other forms of life” 


 By carefully considering how we design, build, occupy, operate and maintain our built environment we can harness the principals of Biophilia and in turn improve the way we all feel about the spaces we occupy; improving our well being and as a consequence our productivity.  



Carbon Reduction is often a natural consequence of this approach to design and estate management. Many organisations are now recognising the enormity of the task ahead of them; having acknowledged the reality of climate change and committed to often dramatic and rapid carbon reduction it is essential that actionable plans are developed and implemented. 

Our aim is to help organisations do this and in turn deliver lasting beneficial change. 



We are optimists, thought leaders and motivators who are responding to global environmental challenges.

We pioneer the application of low carbon technologies and support low carbon research; providing, strong and focused leadership in the built environment. 

Andy Slaney FRICS


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